Got sent to HR for impersonating a fire alarm during a staff meeting again


We're new here. Please keep away from the scaffolding while we paint and remodel. 😎

What a Beautiful City, except this, is the Mokuʻāweoweo Caldera. It's currently erupting as of today... Something to keep your eye on.

Today The Climate Book is finally released in many parts of the world! I want to use my platform to share the reality of the climate crisis – to communicate a holistic picture of how the world is changing and what we need to do about it. That is why I created this book. 1/4

When will society be ready? When will we stop hearing “please place your item in the bagging area”?

Am I shouting into the void here, do other servers see my posts?

So this post was pretty popular - thanks Kris, I've left you on copy hope that's ok, as some of the discussion has been interesting.

So last night, the little raspberry pi had moved only 690MB, @ 300kbit/s.

This one toot, (tooted nothing else since) was boosted ca. 50 times.

The stats are now 3.64 GiB, @ 575.10 kbit/s !!

At 38,500 frontend hits, It's shaping up to be the busiest day ever (see screenie)

Quick reminder this is data for

One. Single. Toot.

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In case you missed it, here's last week's comic illustrating the history of #Twitter in four panels:

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